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Ordered by the Rector, 1.10.2005 Course information

Summary: Ordered by the Rector, 1.10.2005
Course information:
Course/Questionnaire INFKE LV-ID/Lecturer: 251-0580-00
Date of evaluation: 13.05.2008 Number of forms: 9
Students according to enrollment: Alle
Name of the lecturer: -
Course Title: -
Student profile:
Enrolled in degree programme (2) Addendum to (2) Mother tongue
Number Number Number Number Number
56% 5 INFK BSc 4 German
33% 3 other 11% 1 MSc French
11% 1 BIOL 56% 5 Post-graduate Italian
other school Rhaeto-Roman
auditor 2 English
22% 2 other 2 other
3 Female
4 Male
This classification applies The explanations refer to the subsequent


Source: Anisimova, Maria - Institute of Scientific Computing, Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich (ETHZ)


Collections: Biology and Medicine