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1. Preliminaries. 1.1. Tangents and normals.

Summary: 1. Preliminaries.
1.1. Tangents and normals.
Definition 1.1. Suppose A Rn
and a is an accumulation point of A. For each
r (0, ) we let
Ta,r(A) = cl {t(x - a) : 0 < t < and x B(a, r) {a}}
and note that Ta,r is a closed cone with vertex 0 in Rn
. We let
Ta(A) =
0 Ta,r(A).
We let
Na(A) = {v Rn
: v w 0 whenever v Ta(A)}.
1.2. gi,j and gi,j
Exercise 1.1. Suppose V is an m-dimensional inner product space; v is a basic
sequence for V ; is the corresponding dual basic sequence for V
; i V
, i =


Source: Allard, William K. - Department of Mathematics, Duke University


Collections: Mathematics