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PaladinRM User Tutorial Version 1.1 June 24th, 2005

Summary: PaladinRM User Tutorial
Version 1.1 June 24th, 2005
General Purpose
PaladinRM is visualization software designed specifically for representing and
manipulating complex relationships between requirements. Instead of visualizing
requirements hierarchically (a tree approach), we decided to visualize a network of
requirements: a graph that holds all the information about the requirements. The
graphical representation of the network will help the users to analyze requirements in
many different way that were not possible before. For example, it is possible to view all
the requirements relationships at the same time. This simple feature was not available
before. Figure 1 illustrates this concept.
Figure 1. Requirements Graph.
System Requirements:
Java Virtual Machine(JVM) Java 1.4 or greater compatible virtual machine must be
present. Make sure that the java runtime is in the PATH environment variable.
Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, and XP - To set the PATH permanently:
Choose Start, Settings, Control Panel, and double-click System. On Microsoft
Windows NT, select the Environment tab; on Microsoft Windows 2000 select the


Source: Austin, Mark - Institute for Systems Research & Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, University of Maryland at College Park


Collections: Engineering