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Respiration Physiology 111 (1998) 311323 The ontogeny of cardio-respiratory function under chronically

Summary: Respiration Physiology 111 (1998) 311­323
The ontogeny of cardio-respiratory function under chronically
altered gas compositions in Xenopus lae6is
Paul R. Territo *, Jordi Altimiras 1
Department of Biological Sciences, Uni6ersity of Ne6ada, 4505 Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, NV 89154-4004, USA
Accepted 3 November 1997
The importance of diffusion and perfusion in terms of oxygen transport was evaluated by chronically altering
environmental O2 availability (hypoxia or hyperoxia) and blood O2 content (carbon monoxide) through development
in Xenopus lae6is. Oxygen consumption (M: O2
), individual wet mass, heart rate (fH), and stroke volume (SV) were
measured in animals raised from eggs to pre-metamorphic climax while maintained at 11, 21 and 35 kPa O2,
combined with and without 2 kPa carbon monoxide. Additionally, cardiac output (Q: ), and a recently defined O2
consumption/transport quotient (M: O2
·Q: -1
) were calculated. Wet mass, M: O2
, and fH, were not significantly different
between controls and experimental treatments at any developmental stage. However, with hemoglobin oxygen
transport blocked by carbon monoxide, the exposed larvae showed an increased SV, Q: and M: O2


Source: Altimiras, Jordi - Department of Biology, Linköpings Universitet


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology