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Message Ferrying: Proactive Routing in Highlypartitioned Wireless Ad Hoc Wenrui Zhao and Mostafa H. Ammar

Summary: Message Ferrying: Proactive Routing in Highly­partitioned Wireless Ad Hoc
Wenrui Zhao and Mostafa H. Ammar
Networking and Telecommunication Group
College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, Georgia 30332
{wrzhao, ammar}@cc.gatech.edu
An ad hoc network allows devices with wireless inter­
faces to communicate with each other without any pre­
installed infrastructure. Due to node mobility, limited ra­
dio power, node failure and wide deployment area, ad hoc
networks are often vulnerable to network partitioning. A
number of examples are in battlefield, disaster recovery and
wide area surveillance. Unfortunately, most existing ad hoc
routing protocols will fail to deliver messages under these
circumstances since no route to the destination exists. In
this work, we propose the Message Ferrying or MF scheme
that provides efficient data delivery in disconnected ad hoc
networks. In the MF scheme, nodes move proactively to


Source: Ammar, Mostafa - College of Computing, Georgia Institute of Technology


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences