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Understanding Femtocell-Overlaid Cellular NetworksCellular Networks

Summary: Understanding Femtocell-Overlaid
Cellular NetworksCellular Networks
Jeffrey G. AndrewsJeffrey G. Andrews
Wireless Networking and Communications Group
The University of Texas at Austiny
IEEE Intl. Workshop on Femtocell Networks
Mi i FL USAMiami, FL, USA
Dec. 6, 2010
Joint work with: V. Chandrasekhar (now TI); P. Xia, H. S. Jo,
R. K. Ganti, H. Dhillon (UT Austin); F. Baccelli (ENS)
"The" Cellular TrendThe Cellular Trend
Over 100%/year growth in data
traffic to continue indefinitely
AT&T saw 5000% increase in 3
years to Nov. 2009
Revenues increasing slowly, linearg y,
at best
Choices facing the operators:Choices facing the operators:
1. Strictly meter or restrict data


Source: Andrews, Jeffrey G. - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Texas at Austin


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