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Longest subsequences in permutations M. H. Albert

Summary: Longest subsequences in permutations
M. H. Albert
R. E. L. Aldred
M. D. Atkinson
H. P. van Ditmarsch
B. D. Handley
C. C. Handley
J. Opatrny
October 24, 2002
For a class of permutations X the LXS problem is to identify in a given
permutation of length n its longest subsequence that is isomorphic to
a permutation of X. In general LXS is NP-hard. A general construction
that produces polynomial time algorithms for many classes X is given.
More efficient algorithms are given when X is defined by avoiding some
set of permutations of length 3.
Keywords pattern containment, permutations, longest subsequence
1 Introduction
The properties of the Longest Increasing Subsequence (LIS) of a sequence of
values have been studied for many years. In the case where the sequence of


Source: Atkinson, Mike - Department of Computer Science, University of Otago


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences