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INTRODUCTION The cleroid beetle family Prionoceridae includes

The cleroid beetle family Prionoceridae includes
three genera and about 150 extant species distributed
mostly throughout the warmer parts of the Old World,
except Madagascar and Australia. The genus Lobonyx
Jacquelin DuVal, with 16 species, occurs from southern
Europe and North Africa to Asia Minor, Central Asia,
India and China. Prionocerus Perty includes two spe-
cies, one in India and Southeast Asia and another
extending from Asia to tropical Africa. The closely
related genus Idgia Laporte, with the bulk of the spe-
cies, occurs throughout Africa and from Asia Minor to
India, China, Japan, the Philippines, Southeast Asia
and the Sunda Archipelago. Relatively little is known
about prionocerid biology. Adults are often collected in
flowers and at least some are known to be pollen feed-
ers. Larvae have been found in soil and leaf litter, as
well as under bark. The gut contents of an Idgia larva
from Sri Lanka were found to contain numerous in-
sect fragments, while the larva of Lobonyx aeneus


Source: Archibald, S. Bruce - Department of Biological Sciences, Simon Fraser University


Collections: Biology and Medicine