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Compressed Sensing with Shannon-Kotel'nikov Mapping in the Presence of Noise

Summary: Compressed Sensing with Shannon-Kotel'nikov
Mapping in the Presence of Noise
Ahmad Abou Saleh, Wai-Yip Chan, and Fady Alajaji
Abstract--We propose a low delay/complexity sensor system
based on the combination of Shannon-Kotel'nikov mapping
and compressed sensing (CS). The proposed system uses a
1:2 nonlinear analog coder on the CS measurements in the
presence of channel noise. It is shown that the purely-analog
system, used in conjunction with either maximum a-posteriori or
minimum mean square error decoding, outperforms the following
reference systems in terms of signal-to-distortion ratio: 1) a
conventional CS system that assumes noiseless transmission, and
2) a CS-based system which accounts for channel noise during
signal reconstruction. The proposed system is also shown to
be advantageous in requiring fewer sensors than the reference
With the increasing popularity of wireless sensors networks
(WSNs), reliable transmission with delay and complexity con-
straints is more relevant than ever. Wireless sensor networking


Source: Alajaji, Fady - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Queen's University (Kingston)


Collections: Engineering