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dot -filter for drawing directed graphs neato -filter for drawing undirected graphs

Summary: NAME
dot - filter for drawing directed graphs
neato - filter for drawing undirected graphs
twopi - filter for radial layouts of graphs
circo - filter for circular layout of graphs
fdp - filter for drawing undirected graphs
dot [-(G|N|E)name=value] [-Tlang] [-l libfile] [-o outfile] [-v] [-V] [files]
neato [-(G|N|E)name=value] [-Tlang] [-l libfile] [-n[1|2]] [-o outfile] [-v] [-V] [files]
twopi [-(G|N|E)name=value] [-Tlang] [-l libfile] [-o outfile] [-v] [-V] [files]
circo [-(G|N|E)name=value] [-Tlang] [-l libfile] [-o outfile] [-v] [-V] [files]
fdp [-(G|N|E)name=value] [-Tlang] [-l libfile] [-o outfile] [-v] [-V] [files]
dot draws directed graphs. It works well on DAGs and other graphs that can be drawn as hierarchies. It
reads attributed graph files and writes drawings. By default, the output format dot is the input file with lay-
out coordinates appended.
neato draws undirected graphs using ``spring'' models (see Kamada and Kawai, Information Processing
Letters 31:1, April 1989). Input files must be formatted in the dot attributed graph language. By default,
the output of neato is the input graph with layout coordinates appended.
twopi draws graphs using a radial layout (see G. Wills, Symposium on Graph Drawing GD'97, September,


Source: Abel, Andreas - Theoretische Informatik, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universit√§t M√ľnchen


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences