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AC: Composable Asynchronous IO for Native Languages Martin Abadi

Summary: AC: Composable Asynchronous IO for Native Languages
Tim Harris
Mart´in Abadi
Rebecca Isaacs
Ross McIlroy
Microsoft Research, Cambridge
Microsoft Research, Silicon Valley
University of California, Santa Cruz
Coll`ege de France
tharris@microsoft.com abadi@microsoft.com risaacs@microsoft.com rmcilroy@microsoft.com
This paper introduces AC, a set of language constructs for
composable asynchronous IO in native languages such as
C/C++. Unlike traditional synchronous IO interfaces, AC
lets a thread issue multiple IO requests so that they can
be serviced concurrently, and so that long-latency opera-
tions can be overlapped with computation. Unlike tradi-
tional asynchronous IO interfaces, AC retains a sequential
style of programming without requiring code to use multi-
ple threads, and without requiring code to be "stack-ripped"


Source: Abadi, Martín - Department of Computer Science, University of California at Santa Cruz
Harris, Timothy - Systems & Networking Group, Microsoft Research Cambridge (UK)
Hunt, Galen - Operating Systems Group, Microsoft Research


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences