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CS 2420 Exam 2 Fill in the blank (1 point each blank)

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CS 2420 Exam 2
Fill in the blank (1 point each blank):
1.__________________ probing is simple to implement, but typically results in primary
____________________, which causes performance to degrade rapidly.
2.___________________ probing still causes secondary clustering.
3. Record deletion is straightforward when _______________________ is used to
resolve collisions. ____________ deletion must be used when using a method based on
open addressing.
4. When the load factor associated with a hash table reaches its critical value,
_________________ is used to build a new and bigger table.
Multiple Choice (3 points each)
1. A d-ary heap is like a binary heap except for each node has d children. The following is a
d-ary min heap where d=4. Assuming node 2 is at location zero, what is the formula for
the subscript of the first child of a node:
(a) 4i+1 (b) 4(i-1) (c) 4i (d) 4(i+1) (e) None of the previous
2. One reason a min binary heap (stored as an array) implementation of a priority queue is
preferable to an AVL implementation is that the binary heap implementation provides a
better worst-case run time guarantee for which of the priority queue operations?


Source: Allan, Vicki H. - Department of Computer Science, Utah State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences