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The Design and Evaluation of a Storage System for Pervasive May 18, 2001

Summary: The Design and Evaluation of a Storage System for Pervasive
Eric Lemar
May 18, 2001
Many interesting pervasive applications require the maintenance of state, but few pervasive computing
systems provide a compelling system for managing such state. Although conventional storage abstractions
can fill some of these needs, the unique character of the pervasive environment suggests slightly different
answers. Pervasive applications often have to work with data in forms they were not directly coded to
support, need to be able to extend the behavior of existing applications, and must support mobility across
a wide range of devices. The one.world storage architecture supports the needs of pervasive computing
and overcomes many of these limitations in other systems. This paper examines the design decisions
made in the one.world storage architecture and API and provides an initial look at the lessons learned
from the implementation of this design.
1 Introduction
The pervasive computing model [13] assumes that in the near future computing power will pervade our
everyday environment. Although computers will be ubiquitous, the specific equipment available to complete
our tasks will change rapidly due to the appearance or removal of computing devices and due to the movement
of the user from one device to another. Network connectivity is an important feature of this environment,
but this connectivity is expected to be neither constant nor always to a single, universal, Internet due in part


Source: Anderson, Tom - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington at Seattle


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences