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Macromolecules 1990,23, 3291-3296 3291 Semidilute Athermal Polymer Solutions near a Hard Wall

Summary: Macromolecules 1990,23, 3291-3296 3291
Semidilute Athermal Polymer Solutions near a Hard Wall
Wan Y. Shih,' Wei-HengShih, and Ilhan A. Aksay
Department of Materials Science and Engineering, and Advanced Materials Technology
Center, Washington Technology Centers, University of Washington,
Seattle, Washington 98195
Received August 18, 1989;Revised Manuscript Received January 26, I990
ABSTRACT We have studied semidilute athermal polymer solutions near a hard wall extensively with
Monte Carlo simulations. The detailsof the segment density profiles near the wall are shown for the first
time. We have shown that in the semidiluteregime the segment density near a wall has the form: d z ) =
$(l-e-(z/e)m),where m is the exponentat small distanceand and 6 are the bulk segment densityand the
bulk correlationlength,respectively. This form fits remarkablywell with the Monte Carlosimulationsand
was derived using an argumentsimilarto Weibull's for the failure of materials. We show m to be -1.6 in
agreementwith de Gennes' scaling prediction. The first-layersegment density,41,from the simulations
behaves as -+2.2, similar to the bulk osmotic pressure. The radius of gyration, RG,and the deduced
correlationlength,E, are also in accordance with the scaling predictionsand the experiments.
I. Introduction
A semidilute polymer solution is one in which poly-
mers overlap. The bulk properties of semidilute poly-
mer solutions have been studied extensively,'-3 and much


Source: Aksay, Ilhan A. - Department of Chemical Engineering, Princeton University


Collections: Materials Science