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Aquatic Sciences54, 3/4, 1992 1015-1621/92/040179-01 $1.50+0.20/0 @ 1992 Birkhiiuser Verlag, Basel

Summary: 1699
Aquatic Sciences54, 3/4, 1992 1015-1621/92/040179-01 $1.50+0.20/0
@ 1992 Birkhiiuser Verlag, Basel
All of the papers in this issueof Aquatic Scienceswere presented at a symposium held
in Lugano, Switzerland, 5- 7 November, 1990. The symposium, "Limnological
Aspects and Management of Lago di Lugano", was directed at promoting
cooperation between limnologists and public bodies in the restoration of the Lago di
Lugano. To this end the researchers involved in studying the lake over the last few
years were invited to present the existing situation. The high quality of the numerous
papers presented at the symposium confirmed that the Lago di Lugano is one of the
best-studied lakes in recent times. This is due to several activities; the "Commissione
Internazionale per la Protezione delle Acque Italo-Svizzere" has promoted limnolog-
ical studies since 1978; for the last 12 years these studies have been the responsibility
of the Laboratorio Studi Ambientali, while other scientists have studied the
sediments and the fish fauna of the lake. Limnological knowledge of the lake has also
been extended by the scientific project "Endoceresio 1989", sponsored by the Credit
Union Bank of Lugano.
The papers in this issue show that Lago di Lugano is still eutrophic, despite the
large-scale recovery measures applied over the last 20 years. The results confirm that


Source: Aeschbach-Hertig, Werner - Institut für Umweltphysik, Universität Heidelberg


Collections: Geosciences; Environmental Sciences and Ecology