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DynXML: Safely Programming the Dynamic Web Joshua Sunshine Jonathan Aldrich

Summary: DynXML: Safely Programming the Dynamic Web
Joshua Sunshine Jonathan Aldrich
Carnegie Mellon University
A single web page in a complex web application has a huge num-
ber of possible runtime states. Functions, like JavaScript event han-
dlers, that operate on such pages are extremely difficult to write
correctly, because there are virtually no guaranteed constraints on
the page. In this paper we propose DynXML, a new language for
the web which safely and naturally mutates XML trees. Any dy-
namic web application written in DynXML is statically guaran-
teed to maintain the page in a subtype of a programmer-defined
page type. Furthermore, event handlers are guaranteed to receive
the page in the state they expect and leave it in the form expected
by the next set of handlers--DynXML prevents page-manipulating
programs from going wrong.
1. Introduction
The web today relies heavily on client-side code whose primary
purpose is to modify a web page represented as an XML docu-


Source: Aldrich, Jonathan - School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences