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Proof General meets IsaWin Combining Text-Based And Graphical User Interfaces

Summary: Proof General meets IsaWin
Combining Text-Based And Graphical User Interfaces
David Aspinall 1
LFCS, School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh, U.K.
Christoph L¨uth 2
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Universit¨at Bremen
We describe the design and prototype implementation of a combination of theorem
prover interface technologies. On one side, we take from Proof General the idea of
a prover-independent interaction language and its proposed implementation within
the PG Kit middleware architecture. On the other side, we take from IsaWin a
sophisticated graphical metaphor using direct manipulation for developing proofs.
We believe that the resulting system will provide a powerful, robust and generic
environment for developing proofs within interactive proof assistants that also opens
the way for studying and implementing new mechanisms for managing interactive
proof development.
1 Introduction
Proof General is a generic interface for interactive proof assistants, built on
the Emacs text editor [4,7]. It has proved rather successful in recent years,
and is popular with users of several theorem proving systems. Its success


Source: Aspinall, David - School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences