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CHEN 3650 SP12 -Lab 2 Two Tanks in Series

Summary: CHEN 3650 SP12 - Lab 2
Two Tanks in Series
Part A Computer Exercise
This laboratory exercise is related to the classical system consisting of two tanks in
series. That is, the output of one tank is the input to another tank. Usually, this
problem is encountered in a process control class, and the objective is to maintain a
specified height in one of the tanks. However, this is not the goal of this lab.
Your assignment is to model this system and develop a qualitative understanding of
the two tanks in series system. Figure 1 is a schematic for reference. The upper tank
(bi-frustum tank, a.k.a Tank 1) has a circular cross section that has a diameter that
varies linearly from D2 at the bottom to D1 in the mid-plane and again to D2 at the
top. The bottom tank (vase tank, a.k.a. Tank 2) also has a circular cross section and
is described as having a radius (r) as a function of height above the plane of the drain
orifice (y) given by Eq. (1).
r = 1 +
+ e(-0.3(y-3)2)
An inviscid fluid with constant material properties flows into the bi-frustum tank from


Source: Ashurst, W. Robert - Department of Chemical Engineering, Auburn University


Collections: Materials Science