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Animal Care and/or Service Requests Animal Resource Program (ARP)

Summary: Animal Care and/or Service Requests
Animal Resource Program (ARP)
101 Centralized Biological Laboratory
Tel: 814-865-1495 Fax: 814-865-3685
If you are faxing an Animal Care Request form please call or email ARP to verify receipt.
ARP Use Only
Do not write in
this table
Date: Inv#: Amt: Month Billed: ACR/REF#:
Order Date: Vendor: Contact: Conf/Order #: Area: Est. Cost:
IACUC Protocol Number______________ Investigator__________________________ Email_____________
Department___________________________ Phone (day)______________Phone (off-hrs)________________
Person authorized by PI to order animals: Name____________________________ Email_________________
Phone (day)________________ Phone (off-hrs)________________
Animal Request: (Allow a 5-7 day acclimation period for animals prior to starting experimental work.)
Requested Delivery Date___________________ Species_____________ Breed/Strain___________________
Sex_______ Weight/Age_________________ Number of animals____________
Vendor or Source________________________________ Vendor stock or catalog #_____________________
PSU Facility/Room where animals are to be housed______________________________________
Animal Care Requirements and Special Instructions (Check and explain all that apply.)


Source: Andrews, Anne M. - Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences, Pennsylvania State University


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