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The Child Safe Playing Fields Act: NY's ban on pesticide use on school and day care center grounds

Summary: The Child Safe Playing Fields Act:
NY's ban on pesticide use on school and day care center grounds
Dr. Jennifer Grant, NYS IPM Program at Cornel University
*Adapted from an article originally printed in Cornell University Turfgrass Times, Vol. 22(1), 2011
By now you've probably heard that a new law in New York State essentially bans pesticide use
on the grounds of schools and day care centers. It is commonly called the Child Safe Playing
Fields Act. The law exempts a few pesticide uses (very few), and includes a provision for
requesting permission to make emergency applications. Though many of you have already
curtailed your pesticide use for budgetary or policy reasons, others will have to find alternative
ways to prevent and deal with their pest problems. This mandate is sure to usher in renewed
emphasis on good cultural practices and field management. Sounds like time to go back to the
basics of IPM...
First, let's review the letter of the law. You can see the full text at
(Education Law 409-k for schools; Social Services Law 390-g for day care centers). The
Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), in consultation with the State Department of
Education and Department of Health, has written guidance for alternative management of turf­as
mandated by the law--but has no role in enforcement. DEC also consulted with the Office of
Children and Family Services regarding the guidance. The guidance has been released and can
be found at (http://www.dec.ny.gov/chemical/41822.html).


Source: Angenent, Lars T. - Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering, Cornell University


Collections: Renewable Energy; Engineering