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On the D-anity of the ag variety in type B 2 Henning Haahr Andersen

Summary: On the D-aĆnity of the ag variety in type B 2

Henning Haahr Andersen
Matematisk Institut, Aarhus Universitet
DK 8000 Aarhus C
e-mail: mathha@imf.au.dk
KANEDA Masaharu
558-8585 Osaka Sumiyoshi-ku Sugimoto
Osaka City University, Graduate School of Science
Department of Mathematics
e-mail: kaneda@sci.osaka-cu.ac.jp
January 26, 2000
Let X be a smooth variety over an algebraically closed eld k, and let D X be the
sheaf of di erential operators on X. Then X is said to be D-aĆne i the following two
conditions hold: (i) for any D X -module M quasi-coherent over O X the natural morphism
DX (X) M(X) !M is epic, (ii) H i (X; D X ) = 0 for i > 0.
In characteristic 0 the ag variety for a semisimple algebraic group is known to be D-


Source: Andersen, Henning Haahr - Department of Mathematics, Aarhus Universitet


Collections: Mathematics