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MAD/TH9410 September, 1994

Summary: MAD/TH­94­10
September, 1994
Reality Conditions, Reducibility and Ghosts
Theodore J. Allen and Dennis B. Crossley #
Department of Physics, University of Wisconsin
1150 University Avenue, Madison, WI 53706 USA
We examine two methods for incorporating complex first­class constraints into
the BRST formalism when the complex conjugates of the constraints are linearly
dependent upon the constraints, as is the case for general relativity in the Ashtekar
PACS: 03.70.+k, 04.60.Ds, 11.15.-q
# Present Address: Dept. of Physics, U. Toronto, 60 St. George St., Toronto, ON M5S 1A7

1. Introduction
The gravitational force, the first fundamental force to be understood classically,
has yet to reconciled with quantum mechanics. Attempts at constructing a quan­
tum theory have ranged from Dirac's work on the canonical quantization of general
relativity, through perturbative quantum field theory to supersymmetric string the­


Source: Allen, Theodore J. - Physics Department, Hobart and William Smith Colleges


Collections: Physics