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Argumentation for Decision Support Katie Atkinson1

Summary: Argumentation for Decision Support
Katie Atkinson1
, Trevor Bench-Capon1
and Sanjay Modgil2
Department of Computer Science, University of Liverpool, Liverpool, UK
{katie, tbc}@csc.liv.ac.uk
Advanced Computation Lab, Cancer Research UK, Lincoln's Inn Fields, London, UK
Abstract. In this paper we describe an application based on a general approach
towards modelling practical reasoning through defeasible argumentation. The
purpose of the paper is to show how the incorporation of an argumentation com-
ponent can add value to a collection of existing information agents. The example
application is a system for reasoning about the medical treatment of a patient.
An agent, called the Drama agent, orchestrates a number of information sources
to supply a set of arguments on the basis of which the decision regarding treat-
ment can be taken. We describe the general approach and its instantiation for this
application, and illustrate the operation of the system with a running example.
1 Introduction


Source: Atkinson, Katie - Department of Computer Science, University of Liverpool


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences