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Using Hierarchical Simplicial Meshes to Render Atmospheric Effects

Summary: Using Hierarchical Simplicial Meshes
to Render Atmospheric Effects
F. Betul Atalay David M. Mount
Department of Computer Science
University of Maryland
College Park, Maryland 20742
A fundamental element of computer graphics is produc-
ing realistic visualizations of various natural phenomena.
An important problem in this area is that of rendering
scenes containing atmospheric effects, which arise from
the absorbtion and scattering of light due to small parti-
cles such as dust and smoke. Generating photorealistic
renderings through ray-tracing is computationally very
demanding because of the time needed to perform numer-
ical integration along the length of each ray to determine
the opacity and color of the gaseous media.
We present a new data structure and algorithm for effi-
ciently rendering atmospheric effects. Our approach is


Source: Atalay, F. Betül - Mathematics and Computer Science Department, Saint Joseph's University


Collections: Mathematics