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Reverse Search for Enumeration David Avis \Lambda

Summary: Reverse Search for Enumeration
David Avis \Lambda
School of Computer Science
McGill University
3480 University, Montreal
Quebec H3A 2A7, Canada
Komei Fukuda y
Graduate School of Systems Management
University of Tsukuba
3­29­1 Otsuka, Bunkyo­ku
Tokyo 112, Japan
(December 15, 1992; Revised November 3, 1993)
The reverse search technique has been recently introduced by the authors for efficient enu­
meration of vertices of polyhedra and arrangements. In this paper, we develop this idea in a
general framework and show its broader applications to various problems in operations research,
combinatorics, and geometry. In particular, we propose new algorithms for listing
(i) all triangulations of a set of n points in the plane,
(ii) all cells in a hyperplane arrangement in R d ,
(iii) all spanning trees of a graph,


Source: Avis, David - School of Computer Science, McGill University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences