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The Storminess Record from Armagh Observatory, N. Ireland 17962002. Introduction

Summary: 1
The Storminess Record from Armagh Observatory, N. Ireland 1796­2002.


Ar agh Observatory was established in 1790 by Archbishop Richard
Robinson. Robinson was the Church of Ireland Archbishop of Ar agh
(Butler and Hoskins 1987). Although the ain focus of the Observatory
was astrono y, daily eteorological records were kept fro 1794, when
the Observatory beca e operational. Only air te perature and baro etric
pressure were recorded during 1794 and 1795. Fro 1796 to 1843 wind
direction was also recorded and a brief written daily weather co ent
was also included in the daily weather register. The daily description
of weather included reference to stor s and their effects. The only gap
in the record is fro id­1825 to 1832 when no weather data was
collected. In addition, no daily weather descriptions were recorded for
1883. Fro 1844 to the present there is also wind strength data, ostly
instru ental but also so e observer data. This akes this dataset the
longest ongoing weather record on the island of Ireland.


Source: Armagh Observatory
Armagh Observatory Meteorology Databank


Collections: Geosciences; Physics