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Study of Ink Mileage Curve of Gravure Printing , Alexandra Pekarovicova*

Summary: Study of Ink Mileage Curve of Gravure Printing
Renmei Xu*
, Alexandra Pekarovicova*
, Paul D. Fleming*
, and Xiao-Qin Wang**
Keywords: Ink Mileage, Optical Density, Ink Film Thickness, Gravure
Abstract: Ink mileage curves have been studied for many years. Several models
for curve fitting have been reported by different researchers. The regression
coefficients derived from curve fitting were found to be very useful for
comparing different inks, and were related to some properties of ink and paper.
However, these models were based on the experimental data of prints made on
IGT and/or Prufbau printability tester using offset inks. The quantity of
transferred ink and hence the amount of ink on paper was determined by the
weight difference of the printing disc before and after printing. Therefore, these
models can not be applied to the ink mileage behavior of other ink types, nor on
commercial printing presses.
In this study, five commercial coated papers for rotogravure were used as testing
substrates, and printed on a four color Cerutti rotogravure web press.
Commercial toluene based gravure coated inks were marked with a selected
tracer, which can be detected after printing by means of Inductively Coupled


Source: Abubakr, Said - Department of Paper Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Imaging, Western Michigan University


Collections: Engineering