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Declarative Multicore Programming of Software-based Stateful Packet Processing

Summary: Declarative Multicore Programming of
Software-based Stateful Packet Processing
Harjot Gill Dong Lin Trisha Kothari Boon Thau Loo
University of Pennsylvania
We present our initial work on SP4 (stands for Scalable Pro-
grammable Packet Processing Platform), a software-based pro-
grammable packet processing platform that supports (1) stateful
packet processing, (2) uses a task-stealing architecture to leverage
multi-core processing capabilities in a load-balanced manner, (3)
declarative language for rapidly composing and customizing packet
processing elements. We have developed a prototype of SP4 by
integrating a declarative networking engine with the Intel TBB li-
brary and the ACE high-performance communication library. We
present the initial results of our SP4 prototype's capabilities in per-
forming high throughput analysis of SMTP traffic.
1. Introduction
As network applications become increasingly complex and hetero-
geneous, there is an increasing need for extensibility at the data


Source: Acar, Umut - Programming Languages and Systems Group,Max-Planck-Institut für Softwaresysteme


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences