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Particle Dispersion on Rapidly Folding Random Heteropolymers D. Brockmann and T. Geisel

Summary: Particle Dispersion on Rapidly Folding Random Heteropolymers
D. Brockmann and T. Geisel
Max-Planck-Institut fu禿 Stro皂ungsforschung and Fakulta系 fu禿 Physik, Universita系 Go系tingen, 37073 Go系tingen, Germany
(Received 3 May 2003; published 25 July 2003)
We investigate the dynamics of a particle moving randomly along a disordered heteropolymer
subjected to rapid conformational changes which induce superdiffusive motion in chemical coordinates.
We study the antagonistic interplay between the enhanced diffusion and the quenched disorder. The
dispersion speed exhibits universal behavior independent of the folding statistics. On the other hand it is
strongly affected by the structure of the disordered potential. The results may serve as a reference point
for a number of translocation phenomena observed in biological cells, such as protein dynamics on
DNA strands.
DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.91.048303 PACS numbers: 82.35.軍, 02.50.訃, 05.40.苔, 45.10.Hj
The study of random motion on complex structures is
essential to the understanding of dispersion phenomena
observed in numerous physical systems, ranging from
epidemics spreading in complex networks and informa-
tion transport in modern communication networks such
as the Internet [1,2]. In biological cells, the transport of
macromolecules is accomplished by a variety of trans-
location processes in which carrier molecules move along


Source: Amaral, Luis A.N. - Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, Northwestern University
Max-Planck-Institut fr Dynamik und Selbstorganisation, Department of Nonlinear Dynamics


Collections: Biology and Medicine; Mathematics; Physics