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Learn on the Fly: Data-driven Link Estimation and Routing in Sensor

Summary: Learn on the Fly:
Data-driven Link Estimation and Routing in Sensor
Network Backbones
Hongwei Zhang, Anish Arora, Prasun Sinha
In the context of IEEE 802.11b network testbeds, we examine the
differences between unicast and broadcast link properties, and
we show the inherent difficulties in precisely estimating unicast
link properties via those of broadcast beacons even if we make
the length and transmission rate of beacons be the same as those
of data packets. To circumvent the difficulties in link estimation,
we propose to estimate unicast link properties directly via data
traffic itself without using periodic beacons. To this end, we de-
sign a data-driven routing protocol Learn on the Fly (LOF). LOF
estimates link quality based on data traffic, and it chooses routes
by way of a locally measurable metric ELD, the expected MAC
latency per unit-distance to the destination. Using a realistic
sensor network traffic trace and an 802.11b testbed of 195 Star-
gates, we experimentally compare the performance of LOF with
that of existing protocols, represented by the geography-unaware


Source: Arora, Anish - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Ohio State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences