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Using Etps on Andrew 1 Accessing Etps

Summary: Using Etps on Andrew
1 Accessing Etps
While Etps can be installed on many computers, you must use the Etps which is installed on Andrew in order
to get credit for your work when you issue the DONE command. However, you can access it remotely, as is
discussed below.
The Unix X11-window system makes it possible for you to run Etps in a window with fonts that have special
symbols for the logical connectives and quantifiers. Formulas will appear just as they do in the textbook. In
addition, special windows called proofwindows will display the proof, or relevant parts of it, as you construct it.
It is highly recommended that you run Etps using these facilities. To do this, use XETPS (or XETPS-BIG) as
described below.
1.1 Accessing Etps on Andrew Linux Workstations
Etps can be run on Andrew Linux workstations. You may find that you can also run it on other Linux-based
workstations which are connected to the campus network. If you are not logged in on an Andrew workstation,
you should do
klog -c andrew.cmu.edu
so that Etps will be able to write in the score file when you execute the DONE command.
To make things easy, add the line
source /afs/andrew.cmu.edu/mcs/math/etps/etps-no-xset.cshrc
to your /.cshrc file on Andrew. Then log out and log in again, so that the system will read the new .cshrc file.
(The x-server reads the .cshrc file when it starts up an xterm.) The system will now set up aliases for you, so


Source: Andrews, Peter B. - Department of Mathematical Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University


Collections: Mathematics