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2 SPRAY OILS--BEYOND 2000 Modern use of petroleum-derived oils as agricultural crop

Summary: 2 SPRAY OILS--BEYOND 2000
Modern use of petroleum-derived oils as agricultural crop
protectants dates back to the 1800s,but it was not until the
latter half of the 20th century that advances in petroleum
chemistry allowed substantial modification and diversifi-
cation in their commercial applicability. In the 1880s, a
kerosene­soap emulsion was used with some success
against scales and aphids in citrus trees. The search for
something more effective led to the use of emulsified crude
kerosene and lubricating oils.Three basic classes of carbon
structures present in petroleum oils are paraffins, aromat-
ics and naphthenes. In 1915, E. de Ong showed that tree
injury was caused by substances (aromatics and other un-
saturated components) in oils that were removable with
sulfuric acid; the remainder is the unsulfonated residue,or
UR. In 1929, this principle became the basis for W.Volck's
patents on low-unsaturate oils having a high level of non-


Source: Agnello, Arthur M. - Department of Entomology, Cornell University


Collections: Biology and Medicine