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Lumines Strategies Greg Aloupis, Jean Cardinal, Sebastien Collette

Summary: Lumines Strategies
Greg Aloupis, Jean Cardinal, S´ebastien Collette
, and Stefan Langerman
D´epartement d'Informatique, Universit´e Libre de Bruxelles,
Boulevard du Triomphe CP212, 1050 Bruxelles, Belgium.
Abstract. We analyze a new popular video-game called Lumines, which
was developed by Sony for the PSP platform. It involves a sequence of
bichromatic 2x2 blocks that fall in a grid and must be shifted or rotated
by the player before they land. Patterns of monochromatic 2x2 blocks
in the terrain are regularly deleted. The primary goal is to contain the
terrain within a fixed height and, if possible, clear the grid.
We deal with questions such as the following: Can the game be played
indefinitely? Can all terrains be eliminated? We examine how answers
to these questions depend on the size of the grid and the rate at which
blocks are deleted.
1 Introduction
is a popular puzzle video game for the PSP2
platform, originally


Source: Aloupis, Greg - Département d'Informatique, Université Libre de Bruxelles
Collette. Sébastien - Département d'Informatique, Université Libre de Bruxelles


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences; Mathematics