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1. INTRODUCTION In the past decade regional climate models

In the past decade regional climate models
have emerged as tools for studying climate pro-
cesses on small scales and for downscaling GCM
results (see e.g., the review by Giorgi and Mearns
1999). Computing resources usually have con-
strained regional climate modeling studies to a
single realization using a single model. This raises
questions as to the robustness of conclusions
drawn from a single realization, and whether a
given model configuration is suitable for the varied
regimes that occur in a long integration.
As a step toward addressing these concerns,
in this paper we evaluate ensemble simulations
created by perturbing two parameters in the con-
vective parameterization of a regional climate
model. We use the results to examine how much
variability is created by reconfiguring a particular
model, which can help show how much con-
fidence can be placed in the results of a single


Source: Arritt, Raymond W. - Department of Agronomy, Iowa State University


Collections: Environmental Sciences and Ecology; Geosciences