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CHEN 3600 -Lab Assignment 6 Programming with MATLABR

Summary: CHEN 3600 - Lab Assignment 6
Programming with MATLABR
Use "Cell Mode" and "Publish" to make a printout of your solution. Paste in the relevant
command window output as comment within the appropriate cell. Paste in any function
files you create outside of this script as comment within the appropriate cell.
1. Write a MATLABR
script to plot the function y = 10(1 - e-t/4
) over the interval
0 t tmax where tmax is the value of t for which y is 9.90. Use a while loop to
determine tmax (approximately, say to within 0.002) and label the plot axes adequately.
The variable y represents a force in Newtons, and the variable t represents time in
seconds and t 0 only.
2. As a follow-on to Question 1, write a script that will identify the value of t for which
y will attain 99.9 percent of its ultimate (maximum) value, and report that t value,
accurate to at least 6 significant digits.
3. Prepare a MATLABR
script that creates a matrix A that has m rows and n columns.
Each element of A is to be a randomly selected integer that ranges from 2 to Nmax,
and further m and n are to be random integers that range from 1 to Nmax. After the
A matrix is completely created and populated with values, prepare another matrix B


Source: Ashurst, W. Robert - Department of Chemical Engineering, Auburn University


Collections: Materials Science