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Rice Endows Fund to Make KITP More Family Friendly

Summary: Rice Endows Fund to Make
KITP More Family Friendly
FOR TWO DECADES PHYSICISTS VISITING THE KITP have been treated to stunning views of the Santa
Ynez Mountains from a rental house on La Coronilla Drive near Santa Barbara's Mesa district. The owners of that
property, Ann and Myron ("Mike") Rice, enjoyed cordial interactions with their physicist tenants and with KITP
housing coordinator Monica Curry. That mutually gratifying, long-term relationship prompted Ann late last
summer to phone Curry to explore how the gift of the house might benefit the KITP.
The $1.4 million proceeds from the property's sale are being used to endow the "Drs. Ann and Myron Rice
Family Fund for the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics." Because the endowment was established in the form
of a charitable remainder trust, Ann has also generously added a cash gift of $30,000 to enable the Family Fund to
become operational in the spring of 2008.
The Family Fund enables families­especially those in which the physicist is also the mother of young
children­to participate in the weeks- and months-long collaborative research opportunities that are the hallmark of
KITP programming.
KITP Director David Gross noted that the percentage of KITP participants who are women is roughly the
same as the percentage of physicists who are women in the United States--i.e., 13 to 15 percent. "We aim to raise
that percentage," said Gross, "ultimately to 50 percent, and the Rice gift serves as an example nationally of the
kind of effort required to make the profession more attractive to women."
The Family Fund was the brainchild of KITP development director Sarah Vaughan, who at the time of the
Rice call to Curry, had already extensively explored with Curry the difficulties would-be program participants,


Source: Ahlers, Guenter - Department of Physics, University of California at Santa Barbara


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