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Algebraic characterizations of graph imbeddability in surfaces and pseudosurfaces

Summary: Algebraic characterizations of graph
imbeddability in surfaces and pseudosurfaces
Lowell Abrams
Department of Mathematics
The George Washington University
Washington DC, 20052
Daniel C. Slilaty
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Wright State University
Dayton, OH 45435
Given a finite connected graph G and specifications for a closed, con-
nected pseudosurface, we characterize when G can be imbedded in a
closed, connected pseudosurface with the given specifications. The speci-
fications for the pseudosurface are: the number of face-connected compo-
nents, the number of pinches, the number of crosscaps and handles, and
the dimension of the first Z2-homology group. The characterizations are
formulated in terms of the existence of a dual graph G


Source: Abrams, Lowell - Department of Mathematics, George Washington University
Slilaty, Daniel - Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Wright State University


Collections: Mathematics