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Three-dimensional tracking of multiple skin-colored regions by a moving stereoscopic system

Summary: Three-dimensional tracking of multiple skin-colored
regions by a moving stereoscopic system
Antonis A. Argyros and Manolis I. A. Lourakis
A system that performs three-dimensional 3D tracking of multiple skin-colored regions SCRs in
images acquired by a calibrated, possibly moving stereoscopic rig is described. The system consists of a
collection of techniques that permit the modeling and detection of SCRs, the determination of their
temporal association in monocular image sequences, the establishment of their correspondence between
stereo images, and the extraction of their 3D positions in a world-centered coordinate system. The
development of these techniques has been motivated by the need for robust, near-real-time tracking
performance. SCRs are detected by use of a Bayesian classifier that is trained with the aid of a novel
technique. More specifically, the classifier is bootstrapped with a small set of training data. Then, as
new images are being processed, an iterative training procedure is employed to refine the classifier.
Furthermore, a technique is proposed to enable the classifier to cope with changes in illumination.
Tracking of SCRs in time as well as matching of SCRs in the images of the employed stereo rig is
performed through computationally inexpensive and robust techniques. One of the main characteristics
of the skin-colored region tracker SCRT instrument is its ability to report the 3D positions of SCRs in
a world-centered coordinate system by employing a possibly moving stereo rig with independently
verging CCD cameras. The system operates on images of dimensions 640 480 pixels at a rate of 13
Hz on a conventional Pentium 4 processor at 1.8 GHz. Representative experimental results from the
application of the SCRT to image sequences are also provided. 2004 Optical Society of America


Source: Argyros, Antonis - Foundation of Research and Technology, Hellas & Department of Computer Science, University of Crete
Trahanias, Panos - Institute of Computer Science, Foundation of Research and Technology, Hellas


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences