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Stability, Adaptivity, and Dynamic Algorithms Thesis Proposal

Summary: Stability, Adaptivity, and Dynamic Algorithms
Thesis Proposal
Umut A. Acar
Computer Science Department,
Carnegie Mellon University,
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Thesis Committee
Guy E. Blelloch (co-chair)
Robert Harper (co-chair)
Daniel D. Sleator
Simon Peyton Jones (Microsoft Research)
Robert E. Tarjan (Princeton University)
A dynamic algorithm maintains the relationship between its input and output as the
input changes online. In previous work, researchers developed dynamic algorithms on a
per problem basis by using techniques that are well-suited for that particular problem.
Although many of the resulting algorithms are similar to their static counterparts, the
relationship between them is not well understood. Some attempts to this end has been
made by devising techniques for automatically making static algorithms dynamic but they


Source: Acar, Umut - Programming Languages and Systems Group, Max-Planck Institute for Software Systems


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences