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Noname manuscript No. (will be inserted by the editor)

Summary: Noname manuscript No.
(will be inserted by the editor)
Performance Analysis of Prefix Delegation-Based Route
Optimization Schemes: Effects of increasing the Number
of Nodes
Abu Zafar M. Shahriar Mohammed
Received: date / Accepted: date
Abstract Prefix delegation-based schemes have been proposed to solve the
route optimization problem in NEtwork MObility (NEMO) where multiple
IP-enabled hosts move together as a mobile network. Differences in the route
optimization for hosts at the cost of increased signaling will result in perfor-
mance difference of the schemes depending on parameters, such as speed of
the mobile network, its distance from the home network (the network to which
mobile network usually belongs), and the number of hosts in the mobile net-
work. Although the effects of the first two parameters on the performance of
the schemes have been studied, effects of increasing the number of hosts have
not been studied. Therefore, there is a need to evaluate performance when the
number of hosts is increased. We perform the evaluation through ns-2 simu-
lation. Results show that the performance superiority achieved by the hosts'


Source: Atiquzzaman, Mohammed - School of Computer Science, University of Oklahoma


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences