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FACULTY 2011-2012 *On leave 2011-2012

Summary:  354
FACULTY 2011-2012
*On leave 2011-2012
* *On leave first semester
* **On leave second semester
** **On leave calendar year (January-December 2011)
Sayaka Abe, Visiting Assistant Professor of Japanese--B.A. (1997) State University of New York, Buffalo; Ph.D. (2007) State University of New York, Buffalo
Colin C. Adams, Thomas T. Read Professor of Mathematics--B.S. (1978) M.I.T.; Ph.D. (1983) University of Wisconsin
Jason Adams, Visiting Assistant Professor of Political Science--B.A. (2002) Evergreen State College; Ph.D. (2010) University of Hawaii, Honolulu
**Jeannie R Albrecht, Assistant Professor of Computer Science--B.S. (2001) Gettysburg College; Ph.D. (2007) University of California, San Diego
Laylah Ali, Professor of Art--B.A. (1991) Williams; M.F.A. (1994) Washington University
Marsha I. Altschuler, Professor of Biology--B.S. (1972) University of Rochester; Ph.D. (1979) Indiana University
*Henry W. Art, Rosenburg Professor of Environmental Studies and Biology--A.B. (1966) Dartmouth; Ph.D. (1971) Yale
Jillian M. Baez, Visiting Assistant Professor of Latina/o Studies, First Semester and Winter Study Period--B.A. (2003) Hunter College,
City University of New York; Ph.D. (2009) University of Illinois
Duane A. Bailey, Professor of Computer Science--B.A. (1982) Amherst College; Ph.D. (1988) University of Massachusetts
Robert Baker-White, Professor of Theatre--B.A. (1980) Williams; Ph.D (1990) Stanford
***Jon M. Bakija, Professor of Economics--B.A. (1990) Wesleyan; Ph.D. (1999) University of Michigan
Lois M. Banta, Associate Professor of Biology--B.A. (1983) Johns Hopkins; Ph.D. (1990) California Institute of Technology
Bill Barrale, Assistant Professor of Physical Education--B.A. (1994) Northeastern; M.A. (2004) Rowan University


Source: Aalberts, Daniel P. - Department of Physics, Williams College


Collections: Physics