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RAPID COMMUNICATION Hippocampal Contributions to the Episodic Simulation of Specific

Hippocampal Contributions to the Episodic Simulation of Specific
and General Future Events
Donna Rose Addis,1,2
* Theresa Cheng,3
Reece P. Roberts,1,2
and Daniel L. Schacter3,4
ABSTRACT: Recent studies have demonstrated that remembering past
experiences and imagining future scenarios recruits a core network
including the hippocampus. Even so, constructing future events engages
the hippocampus more than remembering past events. This fMRI study
examined whether increased hippocampal activity for future events
includes both specific and general events. Participants constructed spe-
cific and general past and future events during fMRI scanning. We repli-
cated previous findings of increased activity in the right anterior hippo-
campus when constructing future relative to past events, and when con-
structing specific relative to general events. Importantly, both effects
were driven by a significant interaction between temporal direction and
specificity, with specific future events resulting in more activity than
other conditions, including general future events. No regions exhibited


Source: Addis, Donna Rose - Department of Psychology, University of Auckland


Collections: Biology and Medicine