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March 1999 --International Workshop of Attribute Grammars and their Applications --WAGA99 Application of AGLEARN for Hungarian

Summary: March 1999 -- International Workshop of Attribute Grammars and their Applications -- WAGA99
Application of AGLEARN for Hungarian
Part­of­speech Tagging
Zolt'an Alexin 1 & Szilvia Zvada 2 and Tibor Gyim'othy 2
1: Department of Applied Informatics, J'ozsef Attila University
Arp'ad t'er 2, H­6720 Szeged, Hungary
Phone: (36) +(62) 454000/3411 ext., Fax: (36) +(62) 420292
e­mail: alexin@inf.u­szeged.hu
2: Research Group on Artificial Intelligence
Hungarian Academy of Sciences,
Aradi v'ertanuk tere 1, H­6720 Szeged, Hungary
Phone: (36) +(62) 454139, Fax: (36) +(62) 425508
e­mail: fzvada,gyimig@inf.u­szeged.hu
In this paper we present an application of the AGLEARN method to the part­of­speech (POS)
tagging of Hungarian sentences. The task of the AGLEARN is to infer the semantic functions
associated with the productions. In the learning process the grammar, background semantic
functions and examples can be used. We applied the AGLEARN method to infer context rules
to choose the correct tags. A corpus with about 100 000 pre­tagged words has been employed


Source: Alexin, Zoltán - Institute of Informatics, University of Szeged


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences