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materials analysis of inorganic, organic, and bioma-terials. See ELECTRON MICROSCOPE.

Summary: 28 Plaster
materials analysis of inorganic, organic, and bioma-
Mark L. Brongersma; Pieter G. Kik
Bibliography. W. L. Barnes, A. Dereux, and T. Ebbe-
sen, Surface plasmon subwavelength optics, Na-
ture, 424:824830, 2003; T. W. Ebbesen et al.,
Extraordinary optical transmission through sub-
wavelength hole arrays, Nature, 391:667669, 1998;
J. B. Pendry, Negative refraction makes a per-
fect lens. Phys. Rev. Lett., 85:39663969, 2000;
E. Prodan et al., A hybridization model for the plas-
mon response of complex nanostructures, Science,
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1988; J. Takahara et al., Guiding of a one-dimensional
optical beam with nanometer diameter, Opt. Lett.,
22:475477, 1997; R. W. Wood, On a remarkable
case of uneven distribution of light in a diffrac-
tion grating spectrum, Phil. Mag., 4:396402, 1902;
R. Zia, J. A. Schuller, and M. L. Brongersma, Plasmon-


Source: Anderson, Peter M. - Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Ohio State University


Collections: Materials Science