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GWD-I (draft-ggf-dais -dataservices-01) Editors: Data Access and Integration Services (DAIS) I. Foster, ANL

Summary: GWD-I (draft-ggf-dais -dataservices-01) Editors:
Data Access and Integration Services (DAIS) I. Foster, ANL
http://forge.ggf.org/projects/dais-wg S. Tuecke, ANL
J. Unger, IBM
August 14, 2003
dais-wg@ggf.org 1
OGSA Data Services
This document describes a general framework for including data resources into the service-
oriented Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA). An OGSA data service is a Grid service that
implements one or more of four base data interfaces to enable access to, and management of, data
resources in a distributed environment. Data services are built on OGSI, which extends Web
services to incorporate mechanisms for naming and reference of service instances, state
management, notification, dynamic service creation, and lifecycle management. The base data
interfaces, DataDescription, DataAccess, DataFactory, and DataManagement, define basic
service data and/or operations for representing, accessing, creating, and managing data services.
Data services implement various combinations of these interfaces, typically in extended forms, to
incorporate information resources such as file systems and files, relational databases and tables,
XML collections and documents, large binary objects (such as images or multi-media streams),
and application generated data into the OGSA/OGSI service-oriented architecture.


Source: Agrawal, Gagan - Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Ohio State University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences