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Building Covert Channels over the Packet Reordering Phenomenon

Summary: 1
Building Covert Channels over the Packet
Reordering Phenomenon
Adel El-Atawy and Ehab Al-Shaer
School of Computing
DePaul University
Chicago, IL, USA
Email: {aelatawy, ehab}@cs.depaul.edu
Abstract--New modes of communication have shown them-
selves to be needed for more secure and private types of data.
Steganography or data-hiding through covert channels can be
highly motivated by today's security requirements and various
needs of applications. Moreover, the amount of information in the
Internet traffic is not bounded by what is contained in packets
payload; there is considerable hidden capacity within packets and
flows characteristics to build robust and stealthy covert channels.
In this paper, we propose using the packet reordering phe-
nomenon as the media to carry a hidden channel. As a naturally
occurring behavior of packets traveling the Internet, it can
as well be induced to send a signal to the receiving end.


Source: Al-Shaer, Ehab - School of Computer Science, Telecommunications and Information Systems, DePaul University


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences