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2 EE 692 Advanced Electromagnetics 3 Spring 2009, 3-0 (3 credit hours)

Summary: 2 EE 692 Advanced Electromagnetics
3 Spring 2009, 3-0 (3 credit hours)
Instructor: Dr. Dimitris E. Anagnostou, Office: PE-319 (Electrical Engineering/Physics
Building), danagn@sdsmt.edu , http://anagnostou.sdsmt.edu
Lecture Room: 12:30 13:45 (MW), Room: EE-251-A.
Office Hours: 14:00-16:00 (MW) or by appointment
Text: Balanis C., "Advanced Engineering Electromagnetics" (Wiley, 1989)
Students are encouraged to keep the textbook.
0 Suggested
1 References:
Collin R. E., "Field Theory of Guided Waves", (Wiley-IEEE Press, 1990)
Stratton J., "Electromagnetic Theory" (Wiley-IEEE Press, 2007)
Harrington R. F., "Time-Harmonic Electromagnetic Fields", (Wiley, 2001)
Cheng D. K., "Field and Wave Electromagnetics", (Addison-Wesley, 1989)
Jackson D., "Classical Electrodynamics", (Wiley, 1998)
EE 692 Course Description: Lecture course or seminar on a topic or field of special interest, as
determined by the instructor.
Prerequisite(s): EE382
WWW: Email and the page http://anagnostou.sdsmt.edu will be used for course-related
communication. Ensure your @mines.sdsmt.edu email is listed on WebAdvisor.


Source: Anagnostou, Dimitris E. - Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, South Dakota School of Mines and Technology


Collections: Computer Technologies and Information Sciences