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Ambulatory Care Preceptors Conference, 3/18/2010 University of California San Diego

Summary: Ambulatory Care Preceptors Conference, 3/18/2010
University of California San Diego
Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
What the Students value from their Ambulatory Care rotation experiences (and also what
they don't value):
Dr. Sarah Lorentz reviewed the students' Preceptor & Site Evaluations from Spring B to Fall B
2009 (includes 5 blocks) for comments related to the topic. The Office of Experiential Education
is pleased to report that the positive feedback far outweighed the comments related to
experiences they did not value by a margin of about 4 to 1.
Opportunities for improvement include the following: More time, follow-up on progress and
guidance from the preceptor; more orientation; better timing of activities/pharmacist schedules
and training on use of computer systems; clearer assignments; clinic schedule of topics to
review; efficiency in clinic and what their role should be in the clinics when a pharmacist is not
What the students value most include the following: Interaction with the patient such as work-
ups, assessment, interviewing, counseling, problem-solving and documenting; working with the
team by observing roles of everyone on the healthcare team (MD, RN, PA, etc.), going on
rounds, communicating with the team, shadowing, working with other trainees from other fields,
active participation and interdisciplinary patient care discussions; self-learning which involves


Source: Abagyan, Ruben - School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of California at San Diego


Collections: Biology and Medicine