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FERROELECTRICS Electrothermal properties of perovskite ferroelectric films

Electrothermal properties of perovskite ferroelectric films
J. Zhang ∆ A. A. Heitmann ∆ S. P. Alpay ∆
G. A. Rossetti Jr.
Received: 6 May 2009 / Accepted: 9 May 2009 / Published online: 10 June 2009
” Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 2009
Abstract The electrothermal properties of the perovskite
oxides barium titanate (BTO), lead titanate (PTO), and
strontium titanate (STO) are computed near the tempera-
tures of their ferroelectric and/or ferroelastic phase transi-
tions. The computations are performed using a modified
2-4-6 Ginzburg≠Landau≠Devonshire polynomial as functions
of applied electric field and temperature for mechanically
free monodomain crystals and for epitaxial thin films
subject to perfect lateral clamping. For BTO and PTO,
which display weak first-order ferroelectric phase transi-
tions at their Curie points, the application of a bias field
exceeding the electrical critical point reduces the depen-
dence of the electrocaloric (EC) response on temperature
and automatically reduces its magnitude. Under conditions


Source: Alpay, S. Pamir - Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Connecticut


Collections: Materials Science