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canonical Wnt pathway was revealed using an additional

Summary: canonical Wnt pathway was
revealed using an additional
transgenic zebrafish line, one
expressing a GFP-tagged,
dominant negative form of the
downstream transcription factor
T-cell factor (TCF) from a heat
shock promoter to inhibit the Wnt/
b-catenin pathway. Furthermore,
the time-frame of liver
specification determined by
inhibiting b-catenin coincides with
the temporal bilateral expression
profile of wnt2bb in the lateral plate
mesoderm, and is independent of
any endodermal signals. Grafting
of wild-type labelled cells into the
lateral plate mesoderm rescued
the prt phenotype and showed that
the prt gene is essential to mediate


Source: Archibald, John - Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Dalhousie University


Collections: Biology and Medicine